OpenIRC is an Internet Relay Chat Network hosted on a multi-national platform with the promise to offer the user the most reliable, stable chat environment possible with a continued dedication of developing new chat innovations and concepts to keep our users coming back.  

Our administration is some of the most experienced, dedicated, and trusted names in the business. We offer our users services, games, custom accounts, and a mountain of features led by the driving forces of this medium. 

Our network boast everything from cut-throat trivia, to uno, to texas holdem poker and of course radio. All backed by our dedicated Servers running at a  minimum of 100mbps and upward.

All users IP addressed is hidden to prevent ddos attacks and other exploits that are easily gained from having a fully exposed IP.  Registered accounts with NickServ can take this feature to the next level and set their very own spoofed IP.

Our main client servers.
To connect to a random OpenIRC Server
Contact our parent company.
Crossville Tn. 38571

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